Philosophical what is anthropology?

Philosophical what is anthropology?

Philosophical what is anthropology?

Philosophical anthropology is a combat sport, a religious sect, but a discipline of the mind which aims to answer the question: “what is a human?

This philosophical approach is to rely on empirical knowledge of the humanities, to clear a global representation of the human being: his motivations, his mental capacity, his reasons for living.In ‘philosophical anthropology’, ‘Anthropology’ refers to its general and first sense of ‘science of man’ (from the Greek anthropos = human and logos = science, knowledge). This definition of anthropology is therefore much broader than generally covers the academic discipline that name (and long time assimilated to the study of primitive peoples). Anthropology is “philosophical” in the sense where it claims to rely on studies on humans and animals to draw a general theory of the human nature.

The tradition of the AP goes far. Can be found traces in all Western thought. Aristotle defines man as a ” reasonable animal “; Descartes offers a dualist theory that the human condition is made of a double nature: material and spiritual (soul and body). Kant, in his anthropology, oscillates between several definitions (human it is the technique, it is the moral conscience, it is the reason,…). Other visions of nature human, more or less explicit in Hegel, Freud, Marx, Darwin, and many others can be found.

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The ‘philosophical anthropology’ label has been claimed explicitly by thought movement forged in Germany from the years 1920-1930. It was led by Max Scheler (1874-1928), taken over by thinkers of the next generation as Arnold Gehlen (1904-1976), Helmuth Plessner (1892-1985), Helmut Schelsky (1912-1984), Gotthard Günther (1900-1984) and Hans Blumemberg (1920-1996). There are attach current philosophers like Peter Sloterdjik or Heiner Mulmann.

Other authors or of thought are philosophical anthropology, even if they do not claim the name. In France this is the case of Henri Laborit (human imagining), Edgar Morin (the lost paradigm, the method), Georges Chapouthier, (the man the monkey mosaic) and others, will be to speak again. With a certain…Michael Jackson. (Translated by Bing


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