The Mother of mankind (Homo sapiens sapiens)


Whether our today’s Foreignized Cont/Diaspora African Woman/Lady likes it or not, LONG BEFORE the advent of the White Man, the Arab and the Jew in Continental Afrika to TURN our Afrikawomen into PHOTOCOPIES of their Western, Jewish and Arab women they think are better, more superior , more holy, more beautiful, more divine and more Godly than our Continental AfrikaWoman which is a BIG LIE but which their four hundred years of Slavery and One Hundred years of Colonialism and another Sixty years of Neocolonialism have programmed MORE AND MORE OF OUR TODAY’S AFRICAN WOMEN/LADIES to believe , accept and live as their Truths to live by and for, no matter what .


In other words, nothing can replace or equal being a Reborn and Awakened , Proud , Afrikan educated and trained Afrikan Woman or Lady .

The pride, pleasure, honor and privilege of being an Afrikacentric Continental Afrikan Woman/Lady in thoughts, thoughts and deeds are the envy of all non-Continental Afrikan women all over the world.

Because, it is only an Afrikan Woman who can be the world's First Virgin Mother in the World and as such the one and only Mother of all Humanity.

No other Woman in the world in today's world has that sacred honor and privilege of giving birth to Humanity.

Only the Continental Afrikan Woman called AfrikaVe or Mother Afrika or MamaAfrika could be selected and ordained by our Creator AFRIKAMAWU of all creators and creations to serve as the Mother of all Human lives.

To know this liberating Afrikacentric Truth is to know the Continental Afrikan Woman has nothing to envy others without whom there will be no other women in the first place.

This means, knowing, believing and accepting once and for all that there is nothing wrong or inferior about being Continental Afrikan Woman. Be it yesterday, today or tomorrow.

It also means recognizing the fact that the Continental Afrikan Woman is also the teacher, trainer and civilizer of the "white" woman.

And as such, whatever the "white" lady is and has today is an extension of the Continental Afrikan Womanhood at best or her deformation at worse.

Hence, the Continental Afrikan Woman is, can and must be complete, whole, civilized, modern, developed by being Continental Afrikan in Thoughts, Words and Deeds without turning herself into the Photocopies of the White Woman or the Jewish Woman or the Arab Woman but simply be HERSELF as AFRIKAN from head to toe .

That the Continental Afrikan Woman loses her place of world dignity and grace as the Mother of Humanity when she tries to be WHAT AND WHO SHE IS NOT AND CAN NEVER BE rather than being Continental Afrikan.

Secondly, by trying to be "white" instead of Continental Afrikan means AFRIKAMAWU was foolish in creating us the way we were created.

This reasoning and all behavior springing from it can only lead to doom.

Because , we know it is not by accident that Continental Afrikan Women are Continental Afrikan Women and not "white" and vice-versa.

And we also know our Divine Mother Creator AFRIKAMAWU, the all-knower and the all-perfect cannot make a mistake in creating us Afrikan instead of as Western or Jewish or Arab.

Hence , trying to make Western or Arab or Jewish Woman out of Continental Afrikan Woman is like trying to fry stone for supper and it is doomed to fail , whether we like it or .

And the more we insist on doing so, the more foolish, ignorant, useless, frustrated, bitter, revengeful, etc. we turn ourselves into .

Thirdly, being Continental Afrikan Woman in thoughts, words and deeds means being the oldest, wisest and noblest Woman on earth.

As the first Mother of Humanity and the oldest Woman on earth, all Continental Afrikan Women, no matter where they are need to take pride in living up to their heavy and sacred title of Continental Afrikan Woman.

Being Continental Afrikan Woman , therefore, means carrying out the eternal 3 million year old Flame of Ancient/Traditional Continental AfrikaWisdom, Honesty, Devotion, Love, Sincerity, Sharing and all the Positive Values and things that Continental Afrikan Women are known to be and which have kept them together as Continental Afrikan Women for 3 million years.

Hence , there is nobility, sacredness, pride, dignity and joy and inner satisfaction and fulfillment in being Continental Afrikan Woman in thoughts, words and deeds.

There is nothing higher or lower than THE LIFEFORCE OR LIFEFORM THAT BROUGHT US to experience and enjoy and share Life as Spirit in Human Flesh .

Besides, Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikan Women are the most in tune, the most emancipated, the most free, the most graceful, the most noble and the most powerful women on earth.

Not by European standard but by Continental Afrikan Standard.

The proof of this Truth lies in the fact that Continental Afrika is the first continent of all to produce the world first Queens.

Because traditional Continental Afrika teaches that all lives are One.

Man is part and parcel of the Woman and the Woman is part of parcel of the Man and not Separate from one another but ONE BEING EXPRESSED AS AFRIKAMAN AND AFRIKAWOMAN .

That is why our Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikan Man knows he is nothing without his Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikan Women besides him to complete

Hence , a King in traditional Continental Afrika is incomplete without a Queen and vice-versa.

In the same way, an Continental Afrikan Man is nothing without a Woman and vice-versa.

This means , instead of looking at themselves with Foreign eyes as the oppressors and the oppressed, the liberated and the enslaved, Traditional Continental Afrikan Men and Women see themselves as one.

Since one cannot exist or be whole without the other, they learn to live together as branches of the same tree.

Instead of division, they cultivate oneness and unity of living , supporting, prospering and sharing their wealth together and not hiding or accumulating or hoarding it from the rest

The headache of one is the headache of the other. The joy of one is the joy and pride of the other.

And since they see themselves as one, any harm done to one is a harm done to the other.

The Traditional Continental Afrikan Man will not and cannot therefore exploit, dominate, enslave, cheat, maltreat or abuse his traditional Continental Afrikan Woman/Women because he knows whatever he does to his Women will come back to him, HUNDREDFOLD.

He knows if he enslaves and exploits his Women, he is enslaving and exploiting himself.

And since he does not want to enslave and exploit himself, he does not enslave/exploit his female partners or all other lives for that matter.

Besides, even if the traditional Continental Afrikan Man wants to enslave/exploit his Continental Afrikan Women as does the "white" man, Traditional Continental Afrikan Society will not permit him to do so.

Because unlike the Western society where everyone for himself/herself is practised, encouraged and amply rewarded, Traditional Continental Afrikan Society is based on the Ancient Continental Afrikan Philosophy of One for all and All for One.

That means, everybody here watches over everybody.

Everybody in Traditional Continental Afrikan Society acts as checks and balances on each other. They look after each other.

They monitor each other’s activities with the sole aim of keeping each other on the positive path of life.

In this way, there is no time for anybody to do evil.

There is no need for crime. No need for harming others. Because everybody knows what one always reaps what one sows in life.

This explains why ancient/traditional Continental Afrika is the only culture on earth without the Foreign culture based on brutal force, institutionalized violence, state monopoly of power, violence via standing army-navy, air-force, military, police and prisons.

Pre-colonial Continental Afrika does not have them because there was and is no need for standing army or prisons.

Everybody is therefore for everybody. All know it is their responsibility to support, love or advise each other to avoid going astray.

And whenever one falls down, all are there to lift him/her up.

Because everybody knows the fall of one is the fall of all and the rise of one is the rise of all.

Against this supportive and nourishing environment in which our Traditional Continental Afrikan Women live and have their being, it is ridiculous to talk of Western-conceived and Western-directed feminist ideology/movement of “liberation” and “emancipation” of the Traditional Continental Afrikan Woman who has freed herself and others since the beginning of time as the WORLD’S FIRST AND OLDEST FEMALE POWER, MOTHER OF HUMANITY AND THE WORLD’S FIRST QUEEN, VIRGIN MOTHER AND MOTHER GODDESS.

The Traditional Continental Afrikan Woman knows she has nothing to be afraid of from her Traditional Continental Afrikan Man because she knows whatever happens her interests will be taken care of and vice-versa.

So instead of distrust we have trust between the traditional Continental Afrikan Man and Woman.

Instead of seeing themselves as separate entities with separate needs and goals in life, they see themselves as complementing each other.

Instead of division, we have unity.
Instead of discord, we have harmony.
Instead of domination/enslavement/ exploitation mentality and attitudes, we have equal partners working together for the good and benefit of all.

Instead of perpetually trying to out do, out have, out achieve each other as Foreign ladies and their Afrikan lady puppets do, traditional Continental Afrikan Men and Women see themselves as members of a team or chain.

Each has a unique role to play to make the family work. Each has the right to be where she/he is. No place is higher or lower than the other. No role is nobler than the other.

Consequently, the role of Traditional Continental Afrikan Women as the creators and sustainers of life is considered as important and noble as the role of the Traditional Continental Afrikan Man as the Bread Winners or Protectors of life.

Since men cannot be women and women men, Ancient/Traditional Continental AfrikaWisdom has taught our Traditional Continental Afrikan Men and Women to accept who and what they are as men and women.

Traditional Continental Afrikan Man does not try to behave like a Woman and traditional Continental Afrikan Woman does not waste her time trying to be a man or prove to herself and the man that she can do what a man can do and even better or she is the equal of the Man which she does not do because she knows the Afrikan Man came through her and without her, the AfrikaWoman, there would no be an AfrikaMan .

That is why to the Ancient/Traditional Continental AfrikaWoman , she knows from living for 3 million years that it is useless, ridiculous and tragic for men to try to be women and women to be men because Man can only be a Man and a Woman a woman.

The present craze on the part of “liberated,” “emancipated” Westernized women and their photocopies in “modern” Continental Afrika to be like men, do what men do, dress like men etc. can only lead to perpetual confusion, frustration, crisis, distrust, and discord between the sexes.

Simply because Life and living are more than one sex trying to compete, outclass, out do etc. the other in a perpetual war between men and women.

This explains why there is no need for competition or war between traditional Continental Afrikan men and women.

Unlike the Western world, traditional Continental AfrikaWorld teaches its children that Man and Woman were created and exist not to compete against each other in endless war and rivalry about who does what and why or who is who or who is better than who etc.

Rather, men and women exist to complement each other. They exist to support each other in peace, harmony and justice. There is no other way. One is not better or superior to the other.

It is only in the West that some men think they can enslave/ dominate and keep down their women without keeping themselves dowm.

This is so because, the Foreign world is still a fetus in the hands of her Mother Continental Afrika.

That is why in traditional Continental Afrika, men and women have learned long ago and benefited from the Afrikacentric Truth that Man and Woman exist to make each other whole, complete and fulfilled.

Hence every Man needs a Woman to be whole and vice-versa.

The illusion in the West that women, children and men can do without husbands, fathers, mothers, aunts, uncles, children, grandparents is the craziest and most tragic lie that has ever been uttered and diffused by any sensible people on earth.

And the more people believe and practice this destructive lie, the more disappointed and hurt they become. Because no one is an island.

Everybody, rich or poor, strong and weak needs each other to be whole and fulfilled in life.

Anything short of that is a doom and curse to those who practice and propagate this lie in the garment of truth.

A classical evidence in support of this elementary, simple but powerful truth lies in the fact that it is not by accident that Man is given a sacred tree and a Woman a sacred hole in life and for life.

The hole needs the tree to be a hole and the tree needs a hole to be a tree.

In other words, the hole is as indispensible to the tree as the tree to the hole. There will be no Man without a Woman and no Woman without a man.

This is a fact of life no matter what Foreign “science” or philosophy of life tells us today.

So for the hole to be a hole and the tree the tree, they need each other.

Hence they need to support, love, respect, and strengthen each other with the best each has.

There is peace, harmony and respect between traditional Continental Afrikan Man and Woman because each knows they exist for the other without whom there will be no Man and woman.

That is why ancient/traditional Continental Afrika does not believe in divorce/separation after marriage.

There is so much fighting and struggle between the Foreign Man and Woman today because they do not believe they exist to complement each other.

Because they see each other as separate, they do not believe any harm done to the other is harm done to all.

This explains why relation between Man and Woman in the West is so rough, so difficult and so complex because the perpetual war between sexes prevent Man and Woman from loving, trusting and supporting each other.

Because they do not know or see the reason why they must do so.

In the traditional Continental Afrika, on the other hand, traditional Continental Afrikan Men and Women live in peace and harmony because they believe and trust that no matter what happens, their Man or Woman would not let them down nor sacrifice their interests for theirs alone.

My three mothers know and trust my father will be fair and just to them in the same way they are to him no matter what.

If he fails to do so, their parents, families, or the community as a whole will promptly intervene to make sure each member in the chain of life plays his/her role correctly, honestly and sincerely for the benefit of all.

Consequently, the few “modern” Continental Afrikan ladies who are busy throwing their sacred Continental Afrikan WomanHood for a “white” womanhood are doing so out of ignorance.

Colonialism has deprived them of the truth of what a true traditional Continental Afrikan Woman is and why she is the envy of every Woman on earth except her uprooted, Westernized, lost and confused women who call themselves “educated,” “civilized,” “modern,” “developed,” “liberated” and “emancipated.”

But fortunately for Continental Afrika and the world, three-quarters, that is 70 to 80 percent of Women in Continental Afrika today remain still traditional Continental Afrikan – in Thoughts, Words and Deeds.

This means, the majority of our women in the entire traditional Continental Afrika still think Continental Afrikan rather than European.

They dress Continental Afrikan rather than Western. They eat Continental Afrikan rather than Western.

They still believe in the virtue of initiation, and virginity as a sign of self-mastery, self-control and pride for oneself and one’s family.

As traditional Continental Afrikan women, they have nothing to envy other women, especially the Foreign one.

They are proud of being Continental Afrikans in words, thoughts and deeds and see nothing inferior or superior in being the noble Mother of Mankind.

Even in the cities and capitals in Continental Afrika where the Westernization of Continental Afrikans is carefully planned and sustained by Foreign doers and their allies in Continental Afrika, it is heartening to report that not all “modern” African women are Foreign rather than Afrikan.

Apart from the few “modern” Afrikan women to take pride in being “white” rather than Afrikan, we have others who believe and know they can be today’s and Continental Afrikan at the same time.

In other words, being today’s does not mean being Western.

That is, the Foreign World has no monopoly on modernity.

That means, we as a people, need not dissolve ourselves into Foreign way of life in order to become modern.

All because Westernization means transforming a non-Western person in Western.

Modernization, on the other hand, simply means having access to the best life can offer us to improve our lives as Afrikans, Westerners, Oriental etc.

But hundred years of colonial brainwashing has programmed the “modern” Afrikan Woman into thinking and believing the colonial lie that modernization is the same as Westernization.

Because they believe everything “white” is superior and everything Afrikan is inferior, they think only the Foreign minds can offer the Continental AfrikaWorld today’s amenities of life such as money, education, degrees, bungalows, electricity etc.

And the only way to have access to these essentials of today’s life is to become “white” and do what the Foreign world tells us to do or dictates to us.

This explains why the majority of our Continental Afrikan ladies will do anything within and outside their power to be called or accepted as today’s which they equate to having PhDs, well-paid jobs, fat salaries, big homes with swimming pools, colored television, expensive cars, dresses, telephones etc.

Fortunately, there are still intelligent “modern” Continental Afrikan women who believe in being Continental Afrikan and not Western.

They see whatever they acquire in today’s today’s world as the collective heritage and property of Humanity.

Because they know and the wonderful scientific and technological miracles we have today to make life better for all have their basis and origin in ancient/traditional Continental Afrika.

What we call today science, technology, and civilization and all their miracles originated in Continental Afrika. What the Westerners did was to

perfect ancient/traditional Continental Afrikan science/ technology and its today’s miracles.

If anything, our ability to fly, communicate with other another, travel on the sea, live in comfortable homes, ride in car etc. are all the results of collective efforts that started 3 million years ago in Continental Afrika.

And as such they belong to all humanity. The West has no right to monopolize today’s essential amenities of life.

It has no right to force Continental Afrikans into becoming Western

as a means of achieving then- modernization.
It is a myth that only Foreign science and technology can offer Continental Afrika cars, telephones, food, water etc.

All because before the invention of airplanes for example, Ancient/Traditional Continental Afrikans had the knowledge and power to fly physically from one place to another using their mind power technology.

Before we started traveling on water through ships, ancient/traditional Continental Afrikans have been sailing around the world for 3 million years.

All this means, we need not pass through the West to get today’s today’s amenities to better our lives as Continental Afrikans.

We need not become Foreign in order to become modern. We can be today’s and Continental Afrikan at the same time.

Just as Westerners use our Continental Afrikan science and technology to create, strengthen and promote who they are as Westerners, we Continental Afrikans too must use today’s Western-perfected scientific and technological know-how and miracles to improve and strengthen our Continental Afrikan ways of life.

The Russians, the Japanese, the Chinese, “white” USA etc. have done and are still doing just that. Continental Afrikans can do the same too.

All because it is possible for a Japanese Woman or Man to be today’s and Japanese at the same time without becoming Western.

Just as a Japanese will never accept to become Foreign in order to become modern, in the same way our Afrikan women in particular and Continental Afrikans in general can and must never accept to be Foreign in order to be modern.

For modernity has nothing to do with Westernization.

Anything short of that is a betrayal of the sacred name and principle of our Afrikan Womanhood as Humanity’s First and Noble Mother, Queen, Governor, Accountant, Psychologist, Professor, Doctor, Nurse, Trainer, Counselor, Confidant, Midwife, etc.

And as long as the majority of our Continental Afrikan women remain Continental Afrikan in thoughts, words and deeds, the noble qualities and virtues for which Mother Continental Afrika/the ancient/ traditional Afrikan Woman and lady is known for 3 million years will continue to guide all Continental Afrikan women as the center and engine of the Continental Afrikan Woman plan, action and strategy that will liberate and emancipate the few uprooted, Westernized, confused, frustrated, “modern” Continental Afrikan women from the poison of confused Foreign women in search of disciple parrots for their lost cause.

What’s up with that?

Thee highest form of Ignorance is when you reject something you do not Overstand * 

The Jews who never existed

The Jews who never existed

Also, these Israelite No-grows need to have their DNA check as well.. Its all fraud

European legacy on the new world

In 1492 Christopher Columbus “discovered” the new world, that set in motion the conquest and subjugation of the native Americans (of which there was many ethnicity’s), and the movement of millions upon millions of Whites to the Americas. Unfortunately for the native Americans, they had no resistance to White diseases, so in addition to their deaths due to war, there was perhaps even more deaths due to disease. The result was that out of the approximately 100 million people living in the Americas at the time of Christopher Columbus’s landing, by 1650 A.D, only 15 million remained alive.

Which brings us to today, and our current dilemma. Sometime after the European middle ages, perhaps even before, Whites created Racism, a system whereby they started to denigrate Blacks and instituted a system of ill treatment towards Blacks. Some theorize that this my be a result of ancient memories of the way Blacks treated Whites when they were still Albinos in Africa – treatment that was most foul indeed – Click the link for modern examples of the horrors that Albinos suffer in Africa.

And some theorize that it was simply to insure that Blacks would not one day become resurgent, and return the favor. Others say that it was more recent, and was just a way to rationalize the American Slave trade. Whatever the reason, it certainly exists today, and has resulted not only in the mistreatment of Blacks, but in the really strange practice of writing Blacks out of history. It seems a really pathetic thing to want to do, but that is exactly what Whites have been doing for centuries. White academics, together with those in what seems to be an industry of people making fake “White-looking” statues and artifacts of Black ancients, to support their false history. Not to mention the defaced Black statues, which make it difficult to determine race, all used in a seemly “matter of fact like” conspiracy to write Blacks out of history.

The “matter of fact like” character of it, seems to be analogous to the early days of the film industry, when a part called for a Black person, a black-faced White person was used instead. All done as if it was the most natural thing in the world. Of course, denying the value and accomplishments of an entire race of people is NOT natural or normal. The point being, that Whites seem to have developed a phobia about acknowledging what Blacks had accomplished. It’s as though they were thinking “If they find out who they actually are, what will they do? This inbred fear of what Blacks with power will do, is very apparent in the American psyche since their election of the first Black President. This even though, it is plain to all that he seeks to do good for all, regardless of race.

And to bring this lunacy full-circle, all the while, there has been White scientist who have been busily uncovering material, which proves them liars. And so it is with the artifacts and data, for the most part uncovered by White scientists, that we present our histories of “Ancient Man and His First Civilizations”. The artifacts pictured are authentic, and are found in museums around the world. The actual histories presented are conventional, and can be found in encyclopedias or history books. The difference being, that where Whites conveniently neglect to identify people by race, we do. Where Blacks were written out of history, we write them back in. Where bogus White artifacts were used, we use authentic Black artifacts.

We present these histories to you in an Interwoven running Chronology Format. That is to say, we are telling all of the histories at the same time (sort of): By clicking Next at the bottom of each page, we take you through the entire presentation in related order. This format provides a wonderful opportunity to see how developments in one place, effects what happens in another. Needless to say, these histories out of necessity must be condensed. However, great care has been taken to insure that this presentation delivers accurate history, and preserves a true “sense” of each civilization. Our presentation is comprehensive, and covers All of man’s original civilizations.

Your life source

Tell me that you can’t see the connection in our story and the syndrome outlined below.

In 1956, in the pages of an obscure academic journal, Sociometry, I.E. Farber, Harry F. Harlow, and psychiatrist Louis Jolyon West published a classic work on interrogation, Brainwashing, Conditioning, and DDD (Debility, Dependency, and Dread) (BCD). BCD examined the various types of stress undergone by prisoners, and narrowed them down to “three important elements: debility, dependency, and dread”.

“DEBILITY” was a condition caused by “semi-starvation, fatigue, and disease”. It induced “a sense of terrible weariness”.

“DEPENDENCY” on the captors for some relief from their agony was something “produced by the prolonged deprivation of many of the factors, such as sleep and food… [and] was made more poignant by occasional unpredictable brief respites.” The use of prolonged isolation of the prisoner, depriving an individual of expected social intercourse and stimulation, “markedly strengthened the dependency”.

“DREAD” probably needs no explanation, but BCD described it as “chronic fear….
Fear of death,
fear of pain,
fear of nonrepatriation,
fear of deformity of permanent disability…. even fear of one’s own inability to satisfy the demands of insatiable interrogators.”
The bulk of BCD explains the effects of DDD in terms of Pavlovian conditioning and the learning theories of American psychologist Edward Thorndike.

The consequence of the resulting
“COLLAPSE OF EGO FUNCTIONS” is described as similar to “post lobotomy syndrome”.

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Where is my money

The hope of making it to heaven is the biggest hoax manufactured by men. Yet the evidence is quite clear that,the people who are selling the heaven dream are not buying it, because they keep all of the riches here on Earth. if they are so sure of going to heaven and live in paradise, then tell me why do they insist on you making perpetual payments to them on Earth? They should wait for the same heaven, which they promise you.

Hating the Root: Attacks on Vodou in Haiti

Hating the Root: Attacks on Vodou in Haiti

by Akinyele Umoja

“The lynchings were mostly conducted by machete-wielding thugs.”

Members of the Vodou community in Haiti have been lynched in recent weeks. Vodou practitioners are blamed by the perpetrators of lynching for the spread of cholera in Haiti. Every reliable source has linked the cause of the cholera epidemic with unsanitary conditions of Nepalese soldiers that are part of the MINUSTAH, the United Nations (UN) occupation force in the Caribbean nation. This violation of religious freedom is part of a concerted attack on the national culture and identity of the Haitian people. It also serves to divide Haitian people at a time when unity is most necessary to ensure their interests as they rebuild their country in the face of disaster, disease and foreign intervention.

It has been reported that 45 members of Vodou communities, primarily priests (both male and female), were lynched. The majority of the lynching has taken place in the area of Jeremie in the southwest peninsula of the country. The lynchings were mostly conducted by machete-wielding thugs. Many of these murders were witnessed by Haitian police and other “justice” officials, but no one was arrested or prosecuted for the crimes. After many complaints particularly by members of the Vodou faith, five were arrested; three of them were later released reportedly for “political reasons” and two were still being held. UN officials first denied these occurrences, but have recently denounced the acts of violence against Vodou priests.

What is Haitian Vodou? What is the basis of these acts against the Haitian Vodou community? What response should the supporters of human rights have on these occurrences?

Origins and Significance of Haitian Vodou

Haitian Vodou is of African origins. The term Vodou originates among the Ewe-speaking peoples of Togo and Ghana. Vudu is the name of the indigenous religion of the Ewe. The Fon-speaking people of Benin have a related term for their indigenous faith system called Vodun. Captive Africans from what is now Togo and Benin made up a significant portion of the enslaved population of the French colony of Saint Domingue in the 17th and 18th centuries. The largest numbers of Africans enslaved in Saint Domingue came from West-central Africa (now the Republic of Congo, Democratic Republic of Congo, and Angola). Africans from West Africa and West-central Africa created Vodou combining the spiritual systems from their various homelands and constructing rituals based upon their existence in slavery.

The religions of African origin transformed under the one umbrella called Vodou in Haiti became a vehicle of solidarity and resistance for the enslaved African majority. Several fighters against slavery were Vodou priests. The enslaved African rebel Mackandal is believed to have initiated the Vodou rite called Petro in the resistance fight in the 1750s. What is now known as the Haitian revolution was initiated at a Vodou ceremony after an assembly of enslaved Africans and fugitives organized to fight to eliminate slavery. This assembly and ceremony is known in history as Bois-Caiman, after the place of the gathering.

“What is now known as the Haitian revolution was initiated at a Vodou ceremony after an assembly of enslaved Africans and fugitives organized to fight to eliminate slavery.”

Haitian Vodou served as a matrix to preserve African cultural reality and memory in the western hemisphere. The French slave-holders feared Vodou and established “slave” codes designed to prevent its practice. Similar to other religions of African origin in the western hemisphere and colonized Africa, Vodou was demonized by colonial officials, pro-slavery Christian clergy and slaveholding plantation owners as a means of psychological warfare and intentionally attempting to disarm Africans of their tools of solidarity and resistance. To some extent, the French colonizers feared the mystical power of Vodou rituals and its ability to inspire and motivate enslaved Africans to rebel. The French were unsuccessful in stamping out resistance and Vodou in Haiti. Vodou was an important part of the popular resistance that defeated the French and established Haiti as an independent republic in 1804. Some of the leaders of the Haitian revolution were Catholic, while much of the masses of the resistance were African-born and worshipped the faiths based on their African heritage.

The 1806 assassination of Jean Jacques Dessalines, the first head of state of independent Haiti, led to the ascension of a series of rulers who identified with Catholicism and French culture. Many of these leaders were the descendants of French settlers and enslaved African women. Many Haitians of mixed Franco/African heritage greatly identified with the culture, religion, and civilization of France and rejected the African roots of their country. While the Haitian Constitution guaranteed the freedom of religion, Vodou, was repressed. The new Haitian elite established its power and like the French before them feared the religions of African origin and its potential to mobilize the grassroots Haitians, particularly the peasantry. Vodou remained a popular religion in spite of the repression of the state and the Francophile elements of the Haitian elite. Haitian dictator Francois “Papa Doc” Duvalier rose to power countering the power of the Francophile elite and striking fear in the masses utilizing the Haitian military and the militia he created, Volunteers for National Security (VSN), better known as the “Tonton Macoutes” as a tool of repression. Duvalier also established relationships with Vodou priests and Christian clergy as well as other sectors of society to maintain his power in Haiti from 1957 to 1971. His son Jean Claude Duvalier assumed power in Haiti after his demise.

“The new Haitian elite established its power and like the French before them feared the religions of African origin and its potential to mobilize the grassroots Haitians, particularly the peasantry.”

A significant opening for the freedom of religion in Haiti occurred with the rise of a popular movement against the Duvalier dictatorship leading to the election of Jean Bertrand Aristide in 1990 and 2000 and the ascension of the pro-democracy and human rights Lavalas movement. Like members of Christian liberation oriented congregations, grassroots Vodou communities were associated with the resistance to the Duvalier regime. According to Vodou priestess and grassroots activist Euvonie Auguste, thousands of participants of Vodou communities were target and killed by the Duvalier regime and its paramilitary forces in its last days.

Aristide was a Catholic priest who rose to leadership of the pro-democracy movement as a advocate of liberation theology and the empowerment of the poor in Haitian society. President Aristide gave full official recognition to Vodou in 2003, giving its priests the same legal powers and rights as other clergy in Haiti. This included official recognition of baptisms, marriages and funerals by Vodou priests. The recognition of Vodou was part of an overall campaign of President Aristide and the majority political party, Fanmi Lavalas, to bring democratic reforms to Haiti. These reforms included raising the minimum wage for workers, support for agricultural labor, building schools and clinics, and ensuring rights and social development for women, children and poor Haitians. The Lavalas government promoted the establishment of literacy projects in Vodou temples so that children from families practicing the African-derived religion didn’t have to conceal their faith in Christian-based schools. Some Christian schools had previously denied entrance to students whose families practiced Vodou rituals.

Over half of the Haitian population participates in Vodou rites. The recognition of Vodou ensured they could practice their religion in dignity. This truly reversed the centuries of demonization promoted by French slaveholders and the Francophile Haitian elite. While Aristide is a Christian, his liberation theology sought to bring unity and engage all Haitians in building the country together in mutual respect. Many Haitians are Catholic, but participate and honor the Vodou tradition in the country as part of their heritage and identity.

The Basis of the Current Attacks against Vodou

One sector that was mobilized by the enemies of the reforms bought by President Aristide and the Fanmi Lavalas government of 2000-2004 was fundamentalist Christian groups in Haiti and among the Haitian diaspora. Some of these elements in the United States openly called for an armed counter-revolution to take Haiti by force to suppress Vodou. Some fundamentalist Christians supported by right-wing American church groups and neo-conservatives supported counter-revolutionary destabilization efforts meant to topple the Fanmi Lavalas government and prevent Haiti from celebrating the bicentennial of the Haitian revolution in 2004. A statement was issued on December 27th 2003 by one Florida based fundamentalist group called for “prayer for the nation of Haiti as a prelude to the taking of Haiti by force” in 2004. These efforts were aligned with the coordinated campaign of CIA-trained death squads trained and mobilized from the Dominican Republic, provocateurs, and disinformation campaigns the Haitian elite towards destabilizing the Fanmi Lavalas democratically elected government.

“Some fundamentalist Christians supported by right-wing American church groups and neo-conservatives supported counter-revolutionary destabilization efforts meant to topple the Fanmi Lavalas government.”

The Bush Administration and their allies in France and Canada provided diplomatic, financial, and technical assistance to the counter-revolutionaries towards the coup of the popular Haitian government on February 29 2004. U.S. Special Forces took Aristide and his family to the Central African Republic against his will. U.S., French and ultimately UN military forces occupied the country and in concert with counter-revolutionaries surgically assassinated, imprisoned, and exiled Lavalas politicians and political activists and dismantled reforms established during Aristide’s administration.

This counter-revolutionary campaign did not end after the U.S. Bush coordinated “kidnapping” of President Aristide and coup the Lavalas government in 2004. The campaign seemed to accelerate after the January 12 2010 earthquake with a signal from one of the American masters of Christian fundamentalism. Conservative theologian Pat Robertson proclaimed the disaster and poverty in Haiti was due to the “pact made with the devil” made by the country during the Haitian revolution. Robertson’s statement clearly labeled Vodou and Bois Caiman as evil and implied this religion of African origin was demonic. Robertson and his cronies have not made a similar condemnation of the horrors of slavery or called for reparations for Haitians for centuries of exploitation by the French and the United States. They choose to attack the faith of the Haitian majority and demonize symbols of revolution and resistance.

Weeks after Robertson’s statement, Haitian Vodou worshippers were physically attacked by evangelical Christians. The Vodou worshippers in Port au Prince were conducting a ritual in honor of the spirits of those who died in the horrific earthquake when they were assaulted by an evangelical group hurling rocks at them at the orders their preacher. Evangelical groups were also charged with monopolizing relief aid to proselytize and intentionally denied material support to Vodou organizations and institutions that serve the spiritual needs of nearly half the Haitian population. And now the latest attacks come after U.S. and UN supported unpopular and undemocratic elections that banned the popular Fanmi Lavalas from participation, the growing awareness that billions of dollars collected for earthquake relief is not being used for that purpose, and thousands of Haitians have protested the UN military occupation of the country by foreign soldiers who brought cholera to Haiti.

“The Vodou worshippers in Port au Prince were conducting a ritual in honor of the spirits of those who died in the horrific earthquake when they were assaulted by an evangelical group hurling rocks at them at the orders their preacher.”

The assaults on Haitian Vodou are allowed by the UN and Haitian authorities because it’s consistent with efforts to destabilize and repress the popular movement for democracy and human rights in Haiti. The promotion of a religious civil war among Haitians is part and partial of the colonial counter-insurgency “play book.” Keep oppressed people fighting each other so they can’t see that their real enemies are stealing the fruit of their labor and the country’s natural resources. Since Vodou is the faith of much of the poor Haitian majority, its suppression also enables foreign commercial interests and the Haitian elite to weaken historic social and cultural institutions of the Haitian people. If the Haitian people are weakened and divided, foreign imperialists and Haitian elites can more effectively forward their initiatives of disaster capitalism in the country after the earthquake and consolidate their power. Their plan is to continue and expand their exploitation of poor Haitian labor in multinational sweet shops.

Malcolm X once said “You can’t hate the root without hating the tree.” Assaults on Haitian Vodou are an attack on the African roots of Haiti and the very essence of the Haitian identity, culture and personality. These attacks only serve the interests of those forces who intend to keep the majority of Haitians poor while global capitalists particularly from the U.S., France, and Canada and the predatory Haitian elite exploit the labor and resources of the country. It divides Haitian people when they most need to be united to construct the “new Haiti” in their collective interest. It violates the fundamental principles of freedom of religion that is consistent with any true democracy and standard of human rights. It does not represent the best tradition of Christianity towards social justice, reconciliation, peace, or brotherly love.

Religious leaders of all faith traditions and human rights advocates and organizations must condemn these attacks. Moreover, we must call for human rights, democracy, the end to foreign occupation and self-determination for Haiti. This includes the end of the banishment of President Jean Bertrand Aristide from the country of his birth and citizenship and the ending of the expulsion of Fanmi Lavalas from participation in elections and political life in Haiti. Democracy in Haiti is one of the principal human rights fights of our lifetime.

Akinyele Umoja can be contacted at

Invisible men

The Visible men who are soldiers of an invisible army, students of an invisible college, fingers of an unseen hand of the invisible government. Extraordinary gentlemen with the power of the invisibility, because of their indivisibility. Their work are classified and only accessible by the secrets organizations. These men are controlling our visions with the invisible frequencies from the media outlets.. The Politicians hardly disperse the truth in public, they only tell you what you need to know. They see you, yet they can’t be seen by anyone’s eyes.. Since seeing is believing, the masses can’t fulfill their vision, because they only believe what they have been indoctrinated in.

The poor are invisible to the rich, while the rich seem invincible to the poor, because blind justice only smells green dollar bills. Now, what is visible is apparent, but when a parent is not visible in their children’s lives, then it’s the children who feel invisible to their parents. Do you see what I am saying? I am only saying what I see. The underhand deals of closet politicians obstruct my vision with the cloud of dirt they accumulate in higher officer. The dirt makes it hard for eye to Visualize any opportunity for the feasible future.. Thus, I don’t only see what’s projected to me; I also envision the invisible, so that I can see true lies…

Afrikan cosmology

I have been influenced by an African cosmology that sees everything as interconnected and almost indivisible. I have sought to apply ways of working that correspond to notions of both/and as I engage with individuals and social formations. This has helped me avoid essentialising or polarising groups of people, individuals and situations. I have sought to apply this through recognising that everything always contains its opposite within its constituitivity and as such there is always something positive to be worked with in any system that can give possibility and hope. 

Adhering to a both/and conceptual stance does not mean that race, class, and gender oppression are interchangeable. For example, whereas race, class, and gender oppression operate on the social structural level of institutions, gender oppression seems better able to annex the basic power of the erotic and intrude in personal relationships via family dynamics and within individual consciousness. This may be because racial oppression has fostered historically concrete communities among African-Americans and other racial/ethnic groups. These communities have stimulated cultures of resistance. While these communities segregate Blacks from Whites, they simultaneously provide counter-institutional buffers that subordinate groups such as African-Americans use to resist the ideas and institutions of dominant groups. Social class may be similarly structured. Traditionally conceptualized as a relationship of individual employees to their employers, social class might be better viewed as a relationship of communities to capitalist political economies. Moreover, significant overlap exists between racial and social class oppression when viewing them through the collective lens of family and community. Existing community structures provide a primary line of resistance against racial and class oppression. But because gender cross-cuts these structures, it finds fewer comparable institutional bases to foster resistance. (Hill- Collins, 2003) 

~African cosmology (part 2)

Kreyol Lang Manman Ak Papa mwen


Two hypotheses exist on the birth of creole, a language whose history is intimately linked to colonization. One suggests that creole was born from the necessity for different communities to communicate among themselves. Under this theory, Haitian creole developed in the 17th century on Turtle Island, where enslaved Africans, buccaneers, privateers and Europe
an settlers lived together. The other theory suggests that creole was born on the Portuguese Atlantic coast of Africa in the fifteenth century and it was then “exported” via the slave trade.

In any event there are more than 200 creole or creole-related languages. Whether based on English, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch or French, as in Haiti, creole is the language of collective memory, carrying a symbol of resistance. Creole is found in stories, songs, poetry (Saint-John Perse, Aimé Césaire, Derek Walcott), and novels (Patrick Chamoiseau, Raphaël Confiant).

Despite Haiti’s independence, French has remained the country’s official language. French, a language of great cultural prestige, was spoken by the elite, and creole did not enter the literary field until the second half of the 20th century. The indianists of the 1930s and the Négritude movement (incarnated in Haiti by Jean Price-Marts) emphasized the African origins of Antillean people, giving it an identity lost in deportation and later colonization. But, for them, Creole was still considered an impure language of slavery.

The Créolité movement, which succeeded them, rehabilitated the Creole, which no longer was only the language of slavery, but “that which we made together to survive”.[1] A shift was brought about in Haitian literature, from French to Creole, or du français vers le créole, or rather a dialogue between the two languages.

Creole is used frequently in poetry and drama. Frankétienne, for example, writes his plays only in Creole. An oral language, Creole is particularly suited in these genres elevating the voice. (Even if many Haitians speak and understand Creole, not all can read it.) It novels, the two languages are sometimes used together, creating a new and original way of writing.

The choice of language for writing is an important issue in contemporary creative writing, especially for writers residing in Haiti.